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Nigeria is a unique very vibrant country of over 140 million people, (nah so dem tell us oh in 2006!), the current population is estimated to be over 200 million. In addition to those domicile in Nigeria there are several additional millions of Nigerians in the Diaspora. In addition to those in the Diaspora, there are several other Trans-Nigerians all over the world (Hint: head to the Trans Nigerians section in the forums to know what this means!)

NaijaGistings is a space where we can gist about ourselves and those around us, you are welcome to let this be your online beer parlor, digital pepper soup joint, or madam's  hair salon. We just ask as we say, that you respect yourself and others as well. If you are visiting for the first time we sincerely hope you head to the members section and stay!

Oh by the way, we are not affiliated to the Nigerian Government or any federal, state or local government in or outside Nigeria. This is a private site created to foster better relationships among ourselves and the world at large. 

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